American High Performance Ventilation Made in Australia

Kurt Shafer here, your ventilation expert. I am bringing the latest high performance ventilating fan technology from American designers to Australia.

ATTIC MOUNTED WHOLE HOUSE FANS -  If you own a home with an attic you can now get the Invisco Tornado IA 500 is a 500 MM fan pulling 10,737 M3/H. This is Australia’s first invisible whole house fan – ducted and super quiet. How much air is 10,737 M3/H? Well, a 250 M2 home with 3M ceilings contains 750 M3.  The Invisco fan moves 750 M3 in under 5 minutes!

ROOFTOP MOUNTED WHOLE HOUSE FAN – If you have no attic our Invisco Tornado IT500 rooftop whole house fan is a 500 MM fan pulling 13,000  M3/H.

HYBRID INDUSTRIAL ROOFTOP VENTILATOR – If you have an industrial building and have considered the CSR Edmonds EP900 that pulls 10,000 M3/H you will be very happy to know that our Invisco Tornado II900 is a 900 MM  fan pulling a whopping 23,000 M3/H! And, unlike the EcoPower design that cannot pull air in a static pressure above 0.1, the Tornado pulls over 18,000 M3/H at 0.2 SP. 

October 11, 2019 – update – I am working on a campaign. Please write me to say if you would like to see that happen –

And you can now get motor performance that very few other vendors in Australia offer – infinitely variable speed EC motors (Electronically Commutated brushless DC motors) – the most efficient motors in history. Imagine – These new EC motors are designed in America and made in Australia and take just 500 watts for 1/2 HP when at full speed but just 50 watts at slow speed. So you can afford to run them longer at slow speed to really help cool down your home.


Australian whole house fan companies have offered infinitely variable speed motors for decades. But Invisco  is the FIRST to bring you fully AUTOMATIC speed control! Imagine – if you want to cool your home as fast as possible with the least trouble and lowest power consumption, the Invisco SmartSpeed is the answer. No longer wonder what speed to use. Turn the Invisco system on, sit back and get cool. The SmartSpeed runs your fan at full speed until your home gets cooler, then slows the motor down as your desired temperature is close. The result is the LOWEST overall power drain in history. This option is now in production at a price of $AU300.

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