World’s first 10737 M3/H Whole House Fan for Your Attic!

Kurt Shafer here, your whole house fan guy. I am bringing the latest whole house fan technology to you in Australia.

October 11, 2019 – update – I am working on a campaign. Please write me to say if you would like to see that happen –

You can get  Australia’s FIRST invisible whole house fan systems. These powerful  fans mount high in your attic OR on your roof if you have no attic. These are so quiet you can barely hear them. There is no compromise in performance – you still get the air flow you expect from a whole house fan.

You might wonder – how much air is 10,737 M3/H? Well, a 250 M2 home with 3M ceilings contains 750 M3.  The Invisco fan moves 750 M3 in under 5 minutes!

New for 2017 – Roof mounted Model R13600 gives you 13,600 M3/H PLUS you can save money by eliminating the need to add vents to your attic. This new whole house fan uses the Hurricane turbine rooftop ventilator from CSR Edmonds in Sydney. It is the BEST for high air flow.

And you can now get motor performance that no other vendor in Australia offers – infinitely variable speed EC motors (Electronically Commutated brushless DC motors) – the most efficient motors in history. Imagine – These Invisco EC motors take just 500 watts for 1/2 HP when at full speed but just 50 watts at slow speed. So you can afford to run them longer at slow speed to really help cool down your home.


Australian whole house fan companies have been leaders in offering infinitely variable speed motors for decades. Invisco  is the FIRST to bring you fully AUTOMATIC speed control! Imagine – if you want to cool your home as fast as possible with the least trouble and lowest power consumption, the Invisco SmartSpeed is the answer. No longer wonder what speed to use. Turn the Invisco system on, sit back and get cool. This option is now in production at a price of $AU300.

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