Our Aussie Sources

Australia has some of the best sources for parts and assembly and Invisco has engaged these sources to get you the best system you can find and all built right in your back yard. 



There are no better blades in the world than those by Multi-Wing. Above are two blades. The right one is the old 8000 M3/H blade. The one on the left is the latest 10737 M3/H blade. 

See the web site here


new ec

Our powerful motors are sourced in Brisbane. These motors meet the stringent requirement set by the Australian government.


You can’t find a better rain hat than ours. Built by CSR Edmonds in Sydney, it offers higher air flow than any other.


latest-attic380-sq-300x300  STEEL SHELL AND SUPPORT

Australian Water Jet Cutting in Brendale, just north of Brisbane, is our source for the finely engineered tube shells used to funnel the air flow pulled by the blade. Invisco offers you an easy to install support bracket to simplify installation. You can see that the first step is to lag screw a simple rod from rafter to rafter. Once attached, you simply lift the shell and hang the support on the rod.


bd damper DAMPERS      

You will love these quiet and invisible butterfly dampers. They sit just above your ceiling behind our designer grille and frame so you can’t see them and you won’t hear them open or close.


Every Invisco whole house fan comes with a professional cube core (or egg crate) grille for maximum air flow.

leviton speed SPEED CONTROL      

Your Invisco whole house fan has infinitely variable speed so you get a dial like a light dimmer to select the air flow you want – full speed for fast cooling or slow for low cost low power low speed all night breezes.

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