The flow is higher in the rooftop system than the attic mounted system because the 4 meters of flexible duct is not used so that the static pressure drop in that duct is eliminated. Note that both models use the highest performance EC motor you can find and it has infinitely variable speeds so you can run it at low speed all night for just pennies in electricity cost. 

So here are the latest figures 

Model Blade mm M3/H PRICE incl GST    
A10737 500 10,737   $AU2750    
R13600   500 13,600 $AU3490  

Both systems pull more air at less input power (505 watts) than any other whole house fan on the market. Both have the best EC (Electronically Commutated brushless DC) motor you can find. Model A is for attic mount, R for roof.


Invisco warrants all parts for 5 years.


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